Our Mission

It is the mission of Susie’s Hope™, a nonprofit organization, to foster awareness of the animal abuse that exists in our nation and to work to end this epidemic by providing education to people of all ages.

Donna and Susie work together as a team. They visit schools, churches, pet adoption fairs, fundraisers and organizations to motivate and educate people. These are their prinpicles:
  • We believe that having a pet is a huge responsibility and that, before adopting an animal, the family must be sure that they have enough time and love to give their pet.
  • We believe that no one should ever hurt any creatures and that animals have feelings and experience pain just as humans do.
  • We teach children about staying safe when they are around animals they don’t know. One person or one animal can make a difference in this world.
  • We will continue to inspire people to make the most out of life through love, hope, and forgiveness.

The Movie


Susie, The American Humane Association 2014 American Hero Dog

Set to Dress for Palm Beach Event as Special Guest



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Susie's Hope Movie Now Available!

Susie's Hope Movie now available in our store. Click HERE to get yours today! 15% of sales will go to Susie's Hope Foundation. Thank you for your support!

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The Mar-a-Lago Club
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