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How woman who had a miscarriage from vicious dog attack overcame her fear to help Susie the pitbull who had been set on fire and left for dead

Jan 23 | Posted by: Susie's Hope

Daily Mail - By Hannah Parry for Mailonline

A pregnant woman who miscarried after a savage dog attack has overcome her fear with the help of a puppy who suffered abuse at the hands of its last owners.

Doctors said Donna Lawrence was lucky to be alive after the vicious mauling by a pitbull left her requiring 45 stitches. With her leg ripped open to the bone, it would be another two months before she could walk after the attack in 2008.

The animal lover was left with a fear of dogs and even after her physical wounds had healed she said she suffered nightmares and struggled to cope emotionally.

But that all changed when she met young mutt Susie- who had a tragic tale all of her own.

In August 2009, the dog survived unspeakable animal abuse when her former owners set her on fire and left for dead in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

She was picked up ten days later by Guilford County Animal Shelter who began treating her for third-degree burns to 60 per cent of her body, a broken jaw and missing teeth.

On her blog, Donna wrote she had recognised a fellow survivor in Susie.

'You can see Susie and I shared something in common: she was a pit bull mix that had been had been tortured by a human and I was viciously attacked by a pit bull just a few months before we met.

'I forgave the dog for my wrongful attack, and Susie forgave the human for hers.'

Ms Lawrence was attacked in 2008 after she tried to help a neighbor's dog that she says was underfed and left chained up outside.

She began feeding the animal every morning until the fateful day the dog attacked.

'I will never forget that day,' added Ms Lawrence.

'My life flashed before my eyes as I found myself on the ground in the angry animal's jaws. He clenched my right leg between his teeth, and I knew that he could overpower and kill me. I tried with all my might but I couldn't loosen his grip.'

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